I'm Vera, born in '88 and i am a graphic designer from Porto, Portugal.

I thought about writing some words about me, but better than that, i decided to ask some people that are connected with me (or because they're friends, worked or studied with me), to write down some feedback and opinions about my work and personality. Some are connected with graphic design too, some not, artists, and some good people i am lucky to know.

I asked them to be honest and i didn't changed what they wrote.

So... here you have:

"I know Vera for a long long time. She is the most easy going person that i've ever met. Always in a good mood, she is responsible to bring good energy everywhere she goes. In regards to work, she is very talented, responsible and reliable."

Pedro Mendes, Graphic Designer at Pentagram
New York


"Always a pleasure to work with her! Professional on every way and it seams no mountain is high enough for her! Her big good heart is a mirror on her work.
I'm proud to be a part of one of the projects! A big inspiration for me!"

Kevin Berger, Tattoo Artist


"Relaxed but safe, so warm and creative as you can see in her drawings, knows how to listen and give an opinion in a constructive way, besides being very dedicated and available."


Ana Dias, Journalist, Sub Director of Time Out Lisbon Magazine


"Vera is a person who, despite all personal difficulties that she's has been through, she has always managed to overcome them in the best possible way, always with a smile on her face.
She's always ready to help, both personal and professional level and gives the maximum in everything she makes, always with a great passion and determination. It is undoubtedly one of the most amazing persons I have ever met."

Hugo Moura, CEO & Art Director at Xesta Studio


"Vera is a very dear person in my life that accompanies me over many years. In terms of skills, attributes, she is a person with a careful presentation, relaxed style that marks; easily creates empathy with all who are lucky enough to come across in her life; she is concerned about the other, knows how to listen and advise; careful, direct, independent, fight for her goals, easily adapts to changes, risks, sacrifices herself for a better life without a second thought.
She is an extremely professional person, likes challenges, to work the creative side; she is insightful, responsible, dynamic, likes to get involved, participate in projects that are proposed, likes innovation, briefly, is a person open to new challenges."

Joana Pinto, Marketeer


"She puts her heart in everything that she does. You recognize instantly her work just by looking to the person that she is: kind, dedicated and passionate for her craft. For sure you will trust in her for any task."

Joana Domingues, Graphic Designer


"She is Vera, Verinha and Verunxa Mota. She is color, black and white. She is special and remarkable. She is image, illustration and graphic. She is ambition, not that tall and a kind girl."

Miguel Mesquita, Graphic Design Student

“ When I think of Vera, I think of an extremely committed and creative person. Always with a smile on her face, always fully dedicated to get the best possible results. With her great and charming communicative skills, she easily connects with people and creates an atmosphere everyone likes to join. She truly enriches every team with her warmth, positivity and empathy. Working with Vera is the best, because she is capable, reliable and so so funny at the same time. I’m so happy we met and that I can call her my friend now! Also, her chocolate tarte is amazing.”

Alina Tauber, Designer Assistent at Naketano


"Vera is a very easy person to work with, always in a good mood. She is very dedicated to the work and also to the challenges that are given. Always with a very constructive opinion to give."

Isabel Vargas, 3D Designer at Desafio Global Ativism


"I mostly know Vera as my friend for many years and for a long time, she is very tenacious, persistent and dedicated and that can also be aplied and visible in every single piece of her life."

Catarina Rodrigues, Graphic Designer at studium®


"Vera as a professional demonstrates safety, commitment and a distinctive authorial sense that can be an asset to any project.
Something that stands out is also a great power of initiative and pro-activity, which shows not only in her daily work but also in personal projects. As a person, is positive, friendly, affordable and has a great ability to communicate and to listen to others."


André Silva, Graphic Designer / Illustrator / Art Director at Vértice Design Studio and Black Thunder™


"Vera Mota is a person that on both personal and professional levels always turned out to be fair and honest. She's someone who wants to know more and accept criticism as constructive, but at the same time with the notion of her abilities. She can be a leader for her tranquility and transmits determination in implementing the various tasks as well in her easy integration and teamwork. These features are also experienced in her personal life when she motivates others to be more and better. I believe that these qualities are extremely positive, making Vera Mota an exemplary friend and a rich co-worker for any type of company."

Maria João Pereira, Library Teacher at Osmope


"Vera is a person with power, full of emotions and giving herself to everything she does. Always looking for new challenges and working on projects for the future. She is astute, understands and analyzes her surroundings always in the most positive way. One of the persons I most admire, warm, respectful and good listener and these are the most humble qualities that a person can have."

Andreia Rodrigues, Scheduler at Fox International Channels